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Minutes of Meeting of 6 December 2018 Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Pegeia


John Goodwin Jennie Rook Gillian Ainsworth Michael White Nikki Burrows Bob Barker Paul Trebess

Greetings Scribes,

The meeting opened with readings from the homework:

Mike Fantasy a local story set at the Transport department in Paphos

Gill ‘Ride the wild wind’ excerpt from the short story

Nikki ‘The Zeus Factor’ excerpt from the novel

John ‘The Count’s Lament’ poem

Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am

Jennie Back story of Fairyland creation of the fantasy world in ‘Fairyland’

John ‘Interview with the Count’ extract from ‘The Last Count’

Bob ‘Midnight’s Door’ extract from the novel

Homework: Pantomime

At the meeting each member picked a character from a box and is chalenged to write the story from the POV of the allocated character using the synopsis that follows:

There once was a widower who remarried. His second wife was ill-natured, and she had three daughters who were just as unpleasant as their mother. The man had a beautiful, gentle daughter of his own, and she was soon to become the servant of her evil step-mother and step-sisters. They made her do all the chores around the house, and she was named Cinderella, after the cinders she swept out of the fireplace.

The King needed to find a queen for the prince, so he threw a huge ball. The evil step-mother and step-sisters were invited, but Cinderella was not allowed to go. After they left, Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and changed her dirty rags into a beautiful gown with glass slippers. Next the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into a coach and some mice into footmen. Before Cinderella left, the fairy godmother warned her to be home before midnight, because the spell would only last till then.

Cinderella was a hit at the ball. The prince fell in love with her and asked her name. Just then the clock struck midnight, and Cinderella ran away. She was in such a hurry, she lost one of her glass slippers. It was the only clue the prince had to find his true love. He went to every home in the kingdom and had every single young girl try on the slipper to see if it fit. The evil step-sisters couldn’t fit the slipper, but Cinderella did. The prince married her and they all lived happily ever after.

Your Mission: Write the Cinderella story from your chosen character’s POV, in the Pantomime theme. The full list of characters are below.


Pretty girl Treated like a servant by Ugly sisters & Stepmother. Dressed in rags.

Baron Hardup: Cinderella’s Father. Going broke due to extravagance of new wife.

Mortadella: Wicked Step Mother. Cinderella’s fathers second wife. Ambitious to marry off her daughters.

Mozzarella: Ugly Sister. Mortadella’s eldest daughter. Treats Cinders as a servant

Salmonella: Ugly Sister. Mortadella’s second daughter. Treats Cinders as a servant

Citronella: Third sister not as ugly. Jealous of Cinderella because she is in love with Buttons but he loves Cinders.

Buttons: Hardup family’s servant. Cinderella’s only friend.

Price Charming: Kings only Son. Has to find a wife.

Dandini: Price Charming’s servant advisor and friend.

Fairy Godmother: Turns Pumpkin into coach, mice into white horses and Lucifer the cat into coachman. Her magic ends at Midnight.

Lucifer: The House cat. Gets turned into the coachman.

Gus: Kindly mouse that Cinderella secretly feeds cheese. Gets turned into horse for coach

Jaq: Cheeky mouse that Cinderella secretly feeds cheese. Gets turned into horse for coach

The King: Wants Son to marry for love.

The Queen: Wants to marry off her son to rich family.

Next meeting will be on Thursday 13th December at Neo’s Sports Club.

Christmas lunch will be held after the last meeting of term on Thursday 20th December.

Thanks to all who attended and happy writing.

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