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Minutes of the meeting 04/01/18

Location: Neo's Sports Club, Pegeia.

A thought for the new year: If you are having trouble getting started always remember< YOU CAN ALWAYS EDIT A PIECE OF BAD WRITING BUT YOU CANT EDIT A BLANK PAGE.> (With thanks to Maurice Holloway for the quote from Author Jodi Picoult.)

Greetings scribes, the first meeting after the Christmas break and only four attended. Obviously, a few headaches and hangovers plus the miserable weather. Even so, we had a lively meeting with plenty of readings.

The meeting began on a discussion on advertising in local magazines to attract new members. Caroline presented a draft to send to the likes of Cyprus Living, Grapevine, Pals etc, hopefully we will get some response as a few members have returned to the UK, so we have capacity.

Rich Palmer commenced the readings with a humorous story about Christmas, entitled 'Elf and Safety.

Next was Caroline Harman-Smith with a cringing bloodthirsty horror story titled, 'She Who Separates'. Too scary for me but very well written and researched.

John Goodwin followed with an extract from a short story entitled 'The Last Count'.

Coffee break and discussion to

Maurice Holloway read a naughty, but amusing story entitled: 'The Monster in the Men’s Room'. Followed by 'Ghost Writers'

Rich read a poem about Donald Trump and Kim Jung-Un entitled, 'Little by Little'

Maurice rounded off the meeting with a story titled, 'Sweet Revenge’.

This week’s challenge is to write a poem, story or article, 500 words or more, in any form. On the subject of 'The Gods' (Such as mythological deities etc.)

Rich and John continued discussions in the bar after the meeting about book publishing and other topics. Rich hopes to combine his two published books and convert them into an 'E' book around Easter. John has some new projects in mind.

Thanks to those who attended, next meeting Thursday, 11th, January upstairs at Neo's as usual. All welcome.

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