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P.W.G. minutes of 22 September 2016

P.W.G. minutes of the meeting of 22 September 2016, at Neos Sports Club, Pegia.

Greeting scribes.

Present, this week, were: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Stuart Waddell, Kai Neuman, Alain Merheje,

Dee Leigh, Jennie Rook, Nicos Protopapas, and poet of the month, Eddy Kent.

Since returning from the summer break, the weeks seem to be flying by. No sooner have we wracked our brains looking for dynamic inspiration to write something special, we are set another topic and we are off again. The number of readings recently has been excellent so thanks to all members for attending and sharing their work.

It was nice to see Alain Merharje back in the ranks who is waiting for his book, “How to be a wine connoisseur in 60 minutes”, to be published.

The session began with a word exercise: in two minutes, write as many words as you can, ending in “led”. Pens were furiously scribbling away and an average score of around sixty words was achieved, apart from Kai who managed seventy eight. N.B. there are 1396 in the dictionary. To see them all follow this link

Readings followed:

Alain A true story Mr. President.

Coffee break to

Eddy poem The house on the hill

Nicos story The Ego

Rich story extract Clocking on followed by discussion on hospital scene.

Kai poem Sad story on genocide.

John story Writers Block.

Homework: Write something in 2nd person narrative. Subject: “Your Adventure”

Usual 500 to 1000 words please

Thanks to all who attended. Next meeting Thursday 29/09/16 at Neos.

Rich Palmer Secretary.

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