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P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 15/09/16 at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 15/09/16 at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Another good turnout, present were John Goodwin Rich Palmer Eddy Kent Carol Hartman John Winslow Beryl Lowe Nicos Protopapas Dee Leigh Stewart Waddell Jennie Rook and a holiday guest I found in Latchi on the 'Koulla', Kai Neuman.

Kai introduced himself as German nationality living in South Africa He is a G.P. writing a book on depression and he enjoys poetry.

Eddy who wrote a poem called 'Where were you', the story of the twin towers 9/11, was surprised to find that John G had done a promotion on Facebook and it received 1460 hits. Keep going Eddy you will get there one day.

Caroline began the readings with a story 'Remembrance of things past' about Charles and Diana, 1981.

Rich wrote about the death of Elvis and included many song titles in the story.

Kai gave us a poem, 'Fragments united in'

Coffee Break to 11.15am

John presented with a story clustering exercise to prompt the plot and structure of a new story based on two of our tutorials Narrative Voice and Plot and structure which, along with the clustering template, are to be found on out tutorials page.

There followed 10 minutes of speedwriting to complete the outline.

Results were as follows:

John G. Writers Block

John W. Titanic 2

Jennie Lightning Strikes

Beryl Merlin Engine

Nicos Picnic

Dee Heaven And Hell, Ww2 Story

Stewart Reliable Voice

Kai Over The Moon

Rich The Bank Robbery

Caroline Stolen Child

Eddy The Need For Murder


Stewart gave a graphic insight into the Aberfan school disaster under the heading ' Where were you'. This was followed with a discussion on the subject.

John W. Story I knew now why I had arrived at this place

Jennie Story I remember where I was. Diana 1981

Nicos Story " Attraction

Dee Poem Prosaic

Eddy Poem My Prayer (based on 10 words)

Writing prompt for this week is to develop story based on the clustering exercise.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 22/09/16 at Neos.

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