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P.W.G Minutes of the meeting 01\09\16 at Neos Sports Club, Peyia

Well it was nice to meet up again after the summer break. Hope you all enjoyed it and have come back totally refreshed bursting with exciting ideas.

Due to the heat, visiting family and friends and those who are away we had a low turnout but it did not stop us from having a lively meeting.

Those present were:

John Goodwin Rich Palmer Dee Leigh Carol Robb Eddy Kent Stewart Waddell, Caroline Hartman and Guest Paul Rigby-Jones.

Paul who was here on holiday for a couple of weeks, introduced himself. He came from Chorley, Lancashire and had completed various creative writing courses and is presently working on a novel.

At the last meeting it was suggested we write on the basis of a play and Caroline began with a play synopsis called A spell of murder. This was a comedy thriller based in a village and involved witchcraft.

Stewart followed with a play scene called 'The submarine', a story of a German U boat washed up on a Kent coast as the war ended. It involved two boys and a ghost Captain.

Eddy in superb poetry mode gave us 'Little Dove' which was enjoyed by all.

John showed a set up for script writing on the computer which is also available In the Tutorials section of the new P.W.G website

After the coffee break, to, Caroline gave us a story called Proxima about finding another planet.

Eddy followed this with a poem he had written minutes before.

John gave a fairytale story from a different view.

Homework is to write a well known story in a different point of view, usual 5oo words or so. Thanks to all who attended and enjoy your week.

Next meeting at Neos on Thursday 8th, September,16.

Rich Palmer Secretary.

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