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P.W.G minutes of the meeting 28/07/16

Greeting Scribes.

The last meeting before the summer break was attended by a stalwart eight members despite the hot weather although the fan was very welcome.

John Goodwin Rich Palmer Caroline Hartman Jurdi Guri

Carol Robb Nicos Protopapas Dee Leigh and Eddy Kent joined in a discussion chaired by John on playwriting. Characters and format were on the agenda with the conclusion that the summer break homework is to write a short play. This is a change from our usual short stories/poems and should be a bit of a challenge.

Readings followed: Nicos gave us 'Attraction' a short story.

Caroline called her one, 'Who Knows What Dreams Will Come'.

Eddy as usual gave us an excellent poem ' My Special Place.'

Jordi in his rich deep voice gave us more of 'Atlantis'.

Carol finished off before the break with 'Summer Day Dreams.

Coffee Break: 11.0. to 11.10 am

John put us all on high alert with a ten minute speed writing task based on writing a play. This was to include location plot and conclusion on any subject.

Eddy finished off the session with an amazing poem entitled,

'The Kings Gold Crown' and was told he should get it published.

The meeting finished at and six of us had a meal, drink and chat under the cool fans for an hour or so.

The next meeting will be Thursday 1st Sept. 16.

Enjoy your summer break.

Rich Palmer Secretary.

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