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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 30 July 2020

Venue: Neo’s Sports Bar, Peyia and Zoom


Jennie Rook Caroline Harman Smith Mike White Yvonne Ackrill Gina Angeletta

Apologies: Gill Ainsworth, Dee Leigh, Nikki Burrows, June Megennis, Richard Powell

Greetings Scribes,

As always, we hope that you and your closest are healthy and safe.

This week we had John and Bob on zoom before the start of the meeting, then Neo’s modem was changed by CYTA without warning, and we lost connection with both John and Bob.

We moved downstairs to a small table and began the meeting by reminiscing over David and Jennie covered some more of the details, to the group. There is currently no more news from his widow but Jennie will inform all members should there be any details of a funeral, wreaths etc.

Jennie then covered the Plot and Structure tutorial, for our new members and as a refresher for the rest of us. For those who want to re-read it at their leisure, go to the Tutorials page on the website and go to ‘PLOT’ dated November 10, 2019 or this link:

Yvonne was worried that her last week’s homework was said to have had too many clichés in it. She wasn't sure what clichés were and what to use instead. We gave Yvonne a short explanation and Mike talked about miss-quotes that are used often. Here is a Writer’s Digest article with a list of common clichés to avoid:


Jennie read Gill’s homework based on this week's homework: 'Going Swimmingly' - showing the image of a seagull which prompted her story. It was also a good example of a short story plot structure. Feedback on the story was that it was well told and well-constructed.

Mike: Based on this week’s homework: ‘New Words’ – a funny parody of how there are now too many words in the English language that aren’t necessary.

Caroline: Based on a last week’s homework: ‘New Times’ – two separate stories using the new words, contactless and deep-fake – very well done.

A discussion then led to tans and skin tones.

Coffee Break


Gina: Based on a last week’s homework – The Trolley problem – a final version of the story which had errors corrected and had been restructured. It had thrill and suspense to the story as well as good use of the new words, deontology and slow-walk.

Our meeting ended with a lovely lunch at Neo’s. Richard bought along his wife, Linda. And Derek attended too. Good to see everyone again and hope to see you all back in September.

Summer Homework:

Plot and structure using a visual prompt: The cross

Using the Plot and Structure notes from the tutorial, outline a story using the image (a wooden stake crossed over a metal hammer, forming a cross on the ground).

Write in any genre but aim to keep as close to 500 words as you can.

This is for the summer period so take your time to perfect your story, get to grips with using the plot and structure techniques.

For those attending the call or meeting, please send your piece to Jennie to upload to the PWG Zoom Group, or any other you would like feedback on.

Next meeting will be on: Thursday 10 September at Neo’s Sports Bar and on Zoom.

Term times:

We will return on Thursday 10th September until Thursday 17th December 2020, for the autumn.

For those interested and want to know more about Zoom, please go here for details:

For those interested in joining our PWG Online Skype group, please email us your skype name to add you to the group.

Thanks to all who attended. Stay healthy, safe and have a happy summer of writing.


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