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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 16 April 2020

Venue: Zoom and Skype


John Goodwin Bob Barker Jennie Rook Nikki Burrows David Greensmith

Richard Powell

Apologies from Caroline Harman-Smith, Derek Whittle and Dee Leigh.

Greetings Scribes,

As always, we hope that you and your closest are healthy and safe.

This week’s online meeting was held on Zoom and then Skype saved us, as Zoom gave us some hilarious audio part-way through the meeting: very Stephen King style, Rick noted. It certainly added to the fun and gave everyone a giggle. In future, we will begin with Zoom and if we get any audio/visual issues, we'll swap over to the PWG Online Skype group.

Please note that the homework files/readings will only be available to the attendees of the meetings, unless you request by email for them to be sent to you.

For those interested and want to know more about Zoom, please go here for details:

For those interested in joining the PWG Online Skype group, send your Skype name to


John: Based on last week’s homework – After the War was over – Life after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bob: Chapter 9 of A Killing Place In The Sun – super as always.

Jennie read for Caroline (who submitted her work by email): Based on last week’s homework: The Wizard of Chaos – another great story. All enjoyed listening to it.

Nikki: Based on last week’s homework – I Just Want to go to the Bin – a dystopian piece post Covid-19. Loving the tone, like normal acceptance of life and how it could change. Nikki mentioned she had been reading ‘1987’ and we all said it had themes of this and ‘Handmaid’s Tale’. Frightening really.

David: Based on last week’s homework read by Jennie: – Lockdown Blues – a good piece of moaning that we all agreed upon. Easy listening and easy reading in reported style with humour.

Derek (who submitted his work by email): Based on last week’s homework read by Jennie – Delockdowned – An interesting and nice reflection of where we are. A very personal view. Those who have been avoiding technology in the past, are now realising how necessary it may be in order to support a happy life.

This led to a discussion on how things may change in the future and how there are many older members of society, who are proving to be far more technically savvy, than the younger generations. It all comes down to attitude and a little bit of confidence.

We also discussed how there are some members of PWG, who are still in communication with us, that feel they are missing out due to lack of working technology but also that they feel they don’t contribute a lot to the group. We all disagreed with this and hope that all members, however infrequently they attended in the past, know that their contribution is not only reading written work, but their actual attendance. Purely, your contribution is vital now, more than they may realise. Bob noted that in his UK group there are some members who just turn up and don’t read anything. This is fine. Anything goes!

We also understand that some are not as computer literate as others and Bob and Jennie offer assistance to anyone who require help getting online, just reach out to us by phone, comment or email.

What we’re trying to say is, please don’t feel left out as PWG are here for you.


Rick: Chapter 2 of his book – ‘Stane Street’ – positive feedback was given and led to a discussion on KDP publishing. Bob and John offered guidance to Rick when he is ready for the publishing stage.

Coffee break: Throughout the meeting


Write a story or poem recollecting the funniest thing that’s happened to you as a parent. If not a parent, as a child involving your parents.

Next meeting: will be held on 23 April 2020 on Zoom.

Thanks to all who attended.


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