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Minutes of the Meeting of 7th January 2021 Skype only.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's Skype meeting. Gina, Dee, Jennie, Nikki, Rick, Bob, John.

The meeting was led by Gina notes taken by Dee both working from home.

Readings began with responses to December's homework. 'How was it for you.'

John: A prologue to his novel in progress 'Magnetic pole'. An apocalyptic story involving

Polar Reversal.. Very clever, and very interesting.

Nikki: 'First Day Lesson'. A futuristic story, where humans exist in a robotic clinical unsentimental world. A terrific piece of work.

Dee: A crime/ghost story, where DCI Morse's ghost appears to Sgt Lewis.

An interesting take on well known charaters.

Rick reported that he is still working on the copyright for his pictures, for his travel book.

This prompted discussion on image suppliers.

He went on to read an extract fron his WW11 Novel in progress: “Chapter 11 Chateau de Montingue.” set in France 1942-1944

Good pace and coming along nicely.

Bob continued with the latest chapter of his book 'The Woman Across the Street'. Brandon the fourteen year old protagonist takes his girlfriend, Kit, to visit Miriam

Great stuff Bob.

Jennie: From the homework 'How was it for you.' A charming seasonal entertaining story , from the point of view of Tina the turkey, Basil Brussel sprouts, Pinky and Perky pigs in blankets, Donny the onion plus other cute vegetables chatter.

John: 'What a Christmas That Was'. A personal view of the past year in which he left Cyprus to live in UK to picturesque East Sussex. only to arrive just in time for the first Covid 19 pandemic,

Homework prompt for next week. 'What Happened Next'.

Many thanks to all that virtually attended. Please note next week's meeting will also be on Skype only but is open to all members please contact John Jennie or Gina to get on the call list.


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