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Minutes of the Meeting of 3rd December 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia and on Skype.

Greeting fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting. Rick, Gina, Michael, Derek, Dee, June.

Zoom/Skype attendees. Jennie, Bob, John.

The Meeting was Led by Gina with Rick on Technical Support and Dee Taking the Minutes.

Readings commenced with those from last week's homework (A Policeman came to the door)

Derek: “It Started with a Knock on the Door” A lovely, naughty rendition, full of suspense, about a lady who on thinking she was being arrested, was in for an unexpected sexy surprise. Cheeky Derek.

John: “House Hunting” A spooky House with a twist at the end.

Followed by the tongue in cheek back-story to the lead character.

Readings Dee “Priscillas touch” a crime story.

June: “There was a Knock on the Door.” A true story of when the police came to her door to tell her, that her husband has been seriously injured.

Mike: “Plan B” A cleverly devised creation styled story. Of the wasp a killing machine then evolves into a honey making machine hence the name “Plan B.”

Bob the continuation of his latest novel and, work in progress, just have to keep tuned in to Bob's new page turning, suspense thriller.

Coffee break 12-15 12-25

Readings Continued:

Rick: “The Cyprus Green Zone – A Travelogue”

An informative article on traveling the division line if the Island of Cyprus.

We all congratulated Rick on his signing of a contract with a UK publisher for his Roman Road guidebook.

Meeting closed at 1pm

Homework prompt for next week:

Born(ne) to die

The roar almost burst their eardrums

Bakers dozen.


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