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Minutes of the meeting of 25th February 2021 Venue Skype only.

Present at today's meeting via skype: Bob, John in UK, Jennie, Nikki, Gina, Rick, and Dee, in Cyprus.
Greetings fellow writers.
Gina opened the meeting at 9.00am with readings as follows:
Rick: 'Expats in Cyprus'. An article for an online magazine on the attractions of living in Cyprus.
There followed readings based on last week's writing Sci Fi prompt.
John: 'Colonist'. The first chapter of what has now become a work in progress. A short story, possibly novella length. More to come.
Nikki: '20 30'. A short extract from her son's near future, speculative novel, ‘Portico’.
Jennie: Mars 5000. Followed by discussion on length of volumes in a series for different target audiences.
Gina: 'Time slip'. A post pandemic futuristic tale. Tackling a time travel paradox.
Comfort break 12:00-12:08.
Readings continued:.
Bob: Another extract from his work in progress ‘The Woman Next Door’.
Writing prompt for next week: Word of the Month. Find a word that is new to you and use it in a story, poem or article.
Thank you all for virtually attending. See you all next week.
Meeting closed at 1pm


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