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Minutes of the Meeting of 22 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia

Greeting fellow writers. Present at today's meeting: Paul, Michael, Rick, Dee, Gina, June. Zoom attendees: John, Jennie, Bob.

Gina led the meeting with Rick on technology and Dee taking the notes.

The meeting began with a reading based on last week's homework:

Dee: a ghost story.

General readings followed:

June: called 'A funny thing happened to Tosca'. An entertaining, funny real life, experiences

within the operatic world. When the production, does not go to plan.

John: 'Autumn in Cyprus'. An article from 2009 when he wrote write for a travel magazine. In particular about events in September including The Aphrodite Festival, The Dionysus Festival and such diverse subjects as Sport events, dancing.

Michael: 'The Poor Old Planes'. As you fly out of Paphos Airport, look to your right and you

will see two forgotten old boys of aviation. Fine examples of the Avro Shackleton bombers left over from the cod war. A nostalgic, and evocative historical account of the titans of the RAF and their part in shaping our world as we know today.

Rick: 'Chapter 9'. 'Preparation for the raid of 19th August 1942. Mike, and his friends and other soldiers are in training , and preparing for the amphibious attack in Dieppe

Coffee break 11-55 -12 10

Readings continued:

Bob: an introspective extract from his work in progress, involving the protagonist of all his novels Detective Carver who is set to go to the USA.

Jennie: From the book she is working on a fantasy fiction, for young readers Written as synopsis of the chapter under development, inspired by last week’s homework.

This week’s homework is to write a story, poem or article based on the phrase. 'She always thought superstitions was nonsense'

John reported that a non-member of the group tried to post an article on our Facebook Page about the Indie book awards 2020. As moderator he declined the post as we do not want to open the door to spam. However, as the item seems genuine we are sharing it in our ‘Events’ page.

Rick introduced the group to an online competition site:

Bob Kindly offered to host future meetings on his Zoom account and will appoint a co host if he is unable to attend in full. Thanks Bob.

Meeting closed at 12 50


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