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Minutes of our meeting on Thursday 21st January 2021 Venue: Skype only due to Covid Restrictions.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting, via Skype. Gina, Dee, Rick, Bob, Nikki, John.

Many thanks to Gina for all administration work, and Dee who took the minutes.

Apologies from Jennie and June.

The Meeting began with readings of response from last week's homework. 'A Funny thing happened...'

John: 'All Fur Coat and No Knickers'. A comical biographical farce, of john's early days in the building trade. And his sixties fur coat. A lively scaffolding story and drinking a lot of tea.

Nikki: A witty entertaining, story in poem form. Encompassing the memory loss due to dementia, or indeed, anyone whose problem is remembering, just simple tasks.

Gina: A chapter from her autobiographical book. Using the last week's homework as a prompt. An enjoyable , Father and daughter, boating memoirs. Both humorous and touching.

Bob: Work in progress, the latest episode of young Brandon and Kitt. Who intend to spy on the captivating Miriam as she hosts a dinner/party. But things don't go as they planned. Great pace, lots of tension. Look forward to the next instalment Bob.

Rick: 'The Cyprus Government Railway'. A travel piece which has been accepted by the 'Steam Railway Magazine'. Interesting, historical informative. Which ceased to operate from 1951. Well done Rick.

Homework for next week. 'The Gift'.

Many thanks to all that virtually attended.


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