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Minutes of our Meeting on 24th February 2022. Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia.

Greetings fellow writers. Meeting commenced at 10 30am.

Present at the Coral Star. Nikki, Maria, June, Dee, Rick, Michael.

Joining on Skype. John, Bob.

We Welcomed Maria a new member to the group who told us something about herself and her plans for the future.

Readings began with:

Rick: Chp2 of “Death in Sussex.” April 1948 The sequel to his published book “The Missing Prisoner.” Set in post war Lewes, West Sussex, UK.

Mike: “Lost for Words.” Observation of the complexities of English language. From the POV of a Romanian immigrant.

Bob: 'Keep the gate closed'. Ch6. The continuation his very eerie ghost story.

Maria: “East End Greek.” The prologue and opening chapters of her work in progress. An autobiographical view of a cockney born of Cypriot family.

Nikki: “Lucy Mclaren.” A rewrite in first person mode of her work in progress novel.

John: “Dual Personality.” Prompted from last week's homework “Lost in time”. A time traveller who inhabits other people's bodies in the past.

Meeting closed at 12 43.

Prompt for next week 'Kites'.

Thank you to all who physically and virtually attended. Thanks to Rick for setting up Skype. And to Gina for all contact and administration issues. Minutes by Dee Leigh


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