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Minutes of Our Meeting on 20th January 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay.

Greetings fellow writers. Meeting commenced at 10-30am.

Present at the Coral Star: Rick and Michael.

Via Skype: Dee, Bob, June & John.

The Meeting began with readings:

Mike: 'Charles Windsor' from last week's homework 'Appropriate'.

Rick: Chapter 8 from his south coast travelogue Hove to Shoreham.

June: 'Epilogue' an extract from her autobiography. Now under consideration by a publisher.

John left at 11-11. With his story to be told next week. 'Sassenach's guide to Burns night'. John will be visiting us in February for two weeks.

Bob 'Keep the gate closed'. The start of his new project.

Dee ‘DNA.’ A saucy story.

Prompt for next week. 'Burns night'.

Meeting concluded at 12-45

Many thanks to all who attended, both physically and virtually. Thank you to Rick, who sets up Skype. Mike who assists him. And to Gina for all administration and contact work.


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