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Minutes of our meeting og 7th December 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At Venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Jackie, Irene and June.

On Skype:John, Bobby, Peter and Bob.

 Meeting started at 10.30am with readings:

Irene – Bated Breath

The many times that she has waited with bated breath, the birth of her baby sister, Singing competitions, waiting to find out the sex of a new born baby. Moving on to present day wild water swimming in Scotland in December!!!


Jackie  – Waiting for some one.

A group of kittens play at dawn waiting for the huans to come and feed them, some approach with caution some are totally up front. A story of the cat sanctuary here in Paphos.


Bobby – Magpies

The council meet again and order single females to marry. Odelin is called before them to explain Bayens lack of progress at school. He is given one week to master flying, but Odelin and her friends have a secret plot. All will be revealed soon…..


JohnG – No holds barred

The aftermath of a brawl in a public house brings retribution for Mr Hawkins he is barred! Amusing fantasy tale of two great minds with opposing views.


Peter – Reading of his script.

Mike, June and Rick read Peter’s script for a sitcom.


Rick – Chapter 14 Moving along quickly

Mike and Valerie attend Christies auction to bid on pictures for her father, Edwards is watching them and asks his contact at the auction to find out where the pics are to be delivered. Murray watches Randy Hoskins and reports back to Blake. Edwards and his girlfriend arrive in Brighton.


Patti – Perfume.

Another well researched piece about the origins of ancient perfumes, some of which was made in the village of Pyrgos Limassol. Cleopatra made her own aromatic erfume and ancient writers wrote about the old scents. Nowadays most perfumes are made in laboratories. Patti the recalled how the smell of vanilla takes her back to childhood visits to the ice cream parlour.


Mike – Bated Breath

 A very emotional piece about the birth of a mans first child which he remembers as he waits for her on her wedding day.


June – Bated Breath

A semi autobiographical story of a Saturday night dance romance with Tony, which is interrupted by his national service, the girl starts a new relationship with his best friend, which is again thwarted by national service. Julie changes her mind and wants to end the relationship. Robert is taken seriously ill, which puts her in a situation. She has to end it. True story from June’s youth.


Next week’s theme  PUB LUNCHES.


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