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Minutes of our Meeting of Thursday, March 9, 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus.

Present at the Venue: Bobby, Bob, Patti, Mike, Rick. Jennifer G & June

On Skype: John

Patti began the readings with her contribution to one of the suggested prompts, 'St. Patrick’s Day' in which she describes how Patrick becomes the patron saint of Ireland, and her own ancestral links to that country.

Rick then treated us to the penultimate chapter of his travelogue, taking us north east of Paphos, to Episkopi and onwards to Mountains, Monasteries, Ancient Bridges and Pine Forests.

Next was John with chapters 9 & 10 of Norm & Digs latest adventure, seeing them set off with their strange crew to 'The Open Sea and the Sky' and a potentially dangerous encounter with 'Pirates.'

Mike treated us to his version of the other suggested prompt 'The Nice Village' in which he tells the tale of a mysterious hooded figure who visits the village late at night with his ferocious dog.

Bobby was up next with 'The Village', a tongue in cheek tale about a Welsh village and a local lad called Dai.

Back from her travels, the meeting welcomed Jennifer Gardner, who gave us another of her clever poems, this one with reference to 'Friends Re-United” about a long time love affair conducted from a distance.

A discussion followed about the role of a proofreader.

Bob concluded the meeting with chapter 35 of 'Breathe Free'. Pavlos is criticised for his unauthorised conduct with a prostitute but, against Carver’s advice, is given another chance.

Since Rick will not be able to attend next week’s meeting and there was no one else to set up a Skype connection, plus the fact that there would be a number of other absentees, it was agreed to postpone the meeting until the following week. Both “St. Patrick’Day” and 'Village' will continue as prompts.




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