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Minutes of our Meeting of March 30, 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia

Present at the venue:

Patti, Rick, Bobby, Mike & Peter

On Skype: Bob, John & June

There were three offerings from three members which featured this week’s prompt 'April Fool.

First was Patti with a history of April Fool’s Day, together with its interpretations by various cultures and countries around the world.

Rick then contributed another version of how it originated, not actually written by himself but with the aid of Chat GPT.

Mike read the third contribution with a story called 'The Man in Charge' about a joke played on the commander of a local Fire and Rescue service.

John continued his latest Norm & Digs adventure with Chapters 13 'Over the Side' and 14 'Jack Tar'. One of the pirate brigands is rescued from drowning in the sea and a decision has to be made as to what to do with him.

John then gave some notes to demonstrate his technique for setting scenes, listing characters, ideas and plots, which will act as aide memoires for when writing the actual story.

Bobby was next with Chapter 3 of 'The Heart Attack Club'. After bidding farewell to Jonathan at the airport, Christina and the children set off to find their new home in Cyprus.

Bob ended the meeting with Chapter 37 of 'Breath Free.' Carver gives Vasilis an account of his meeting with Samoro the previous evening at the Moonstone night club and his discovery that Aranya lives in Kathikas. Pavlos is then given strict instructions not to take any risks when he next meets with Samoro.

The prompt for next week is: 'Easter.'




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