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Minutes of our meeting of 9th September 2021 Venue Neo's and in Skype.

Greetings fellow writers. Meeting commenced at 10 30.

Present. Derek, Gina, Rick. Michael, Dee. Via Skype: June, Jennifer, John, Bob.

Readings began from last week's 40 word challenge.

Nikki- 'The Awful Sound'. 40 word prose (read out by Gina).

Claudine- ‘Gangly Legs at a Waterhole’ and 'Last Day'40 words poems. (Also read out by Gina).

Jennifer- Three 40 word poems on 'a Good Meal' theme

Rick- Recycling 40 words. Followed by 'Christmas in Scotland'. An interesting travelogue.

Derek- Two 40 word pieces of prose.

Gina- 'Moving Home' Three different parts of the same story in 40 word prose.

John- 'British Summer Time'. 40 word poem.

June-'Meeting in Cologne'. A sad reminder of the 9/11 attack.

Bob- Extract from his new book 'Breathe Again'.

Mike- 'Bringing up kids'. An essay on the joys and pitfalls of bringing up children.

Dee- ' Romance as a Genre'. A thesis on writing romance.

Next week's writing prompt. 'Domestic Violence'.

Meeting closed at 12 30.

Many thanks to Gina and Rick, for setting up Skype. And for conducting the meeting.

Thank you to all who attended, physically and virtually.


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