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Minutes of Our Meeting of 9 February 2033 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay

Present: Rick, Peter, Neil, Mike and Patti

Pn Skype: John, Bobby, Bob, June & Nikki

Neil opened the meeting with a short, saucy lyric 'There once was a Man from Iran.'

John enlightened us next with 'Leviathan', a prequel to Norm & Digs epic adventure.

Rick then gave us Chapter 32, entitled “The Alterman Fortune, April 26 1948’ the last instalment of his second book 'Missing Fortune. He has now embarked on writing his third book in the Mike and Valerie series.

We were next treated to various members’ contributions to the week’s prompt 'Memories of my Grandparents'

June was first with 'My Nan', a portrait of her late maternal grandmother.

Mike followed with 'Memories’, reflections on his relationship with both sets of grandparents.

Bobby, likewise, with, 'Memories of my grandparents', childhood memories of living in Norfolk and visiting Northern Ireland, during the period when his father was a British solider posted there.

Neil gave us 'My Grandparents', one grandfather a miner, who became a policeman in Liverpool and the other a practical joker.

Nikki concluded the contributions with 'Gaga Billy', in which she describes a love for her maternal grandfather, the chequered life he led and why she considers she let him down.

Peter then treated us to 'The Heroine and Heroin', his contribution to an earlier prompt “Be Careful What you wish for.' A brilliant description of a heroin user who imagines herself to be like Joan of Arc, in her opinion the leader of a pagan witch craft.

Bob closed the meeting with Chapter 30 of 'Breathe Free', describing the encounter between policeman Sava and nightclub hostess called Somoro, while being suspiciously observed by Nicoleoz, one of her Russian clients

The prompt suggested for next week is 'Valentine'


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