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Minutes of our Meeting of 8th September 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna

Present: Gina, June, Rick, Mike White and Mike Hatch on Skype: Bob

Apologies received from Bobby and Dee

Unfortunately, there was no HDMI cable which made it impossible to link Rick’s computer to the television set. The result was no contribution could be viewed on the screen, and everyone had to listen carefully to each reading.

1. Rick read Chapter17, ' Escape from Geneva' from his on-gong novel “Missing Art’.

2. Mike White, the only 'homework’ contribution, ‘The Goat in the Pool' - a true story about an unusual escapade which took place during the summer break.

3. Bob continued his latest novel 'Breathe Free’ with chapter, No. 13 which is set in Cyprus.

4. Mike Hatch read a short story from his book 'De Hoop, The Cat & Global Warming' which is about an adventure on board a yacht with Cat, his only companion.

5. There were no other contributions. The subject for next week: - 'Summer through a pet’s eyes.'

With Thanks to June for taking the minutes. Next meeting Thursday 15th September at Coral star as usual.


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