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Minutes of our meeting of 8th February 2024 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue: Rick, Mike, Patti, Jordi, Irene, Dee, Karen, Glen, John E, Doug.

On Skype: June, Bob, John G, Jackie, Bobby.

Welcome to Doug, an original member from 15 years ago, back on holiday.

 The meeting started at 10.00am with readings:

Bobby – Magpies Ch 13.

Bayen has now mastered flying, and it is now time to leave Pendragon’s home and return home to take charge of the community. He is given an eagles feather to symbolise his leadership in place of his father. He is ready to take charge but the group have to get back home soon because events are moving on. They head for the airport under Trixie’s guidance and stowaway on board a helicopter ………..


Irene – Angels.

A study of angels in every sense of the word, Biblical, Satan a fallen angel, angels in Nativity plays, and films, Hells Angels, Lyrics to a Jimi Hendrix song, her camper van called Gloria. In fact well covered and well written as usual.


Mike – Valentines Night.

A romantic story about a Valentine’s night present from a husband to his wife which only lasts until the next morning. There’s a dog involved in it too.


June – Eddy’s ‘Wingless Angels’

June read one of Eddy Kent’s poems about Angels being ordinary people, who care and make the world go round a little easier for everyone else


Patti – Angels

The story of Alan who has a fear of flying but has to for his work. On a flight to Paris he sits next to a retired airline pilot who helps him to cope with it. On landing the pilot is nowhere to be found, then Alan sees a newspaper report about him succumbing to a heart attack two days before……….


Rick – Ch 16 Who was Murray?

DI Blake tips off Edwards that Hoskins is dangerous and tells him of Murray’s murder.

He then instructs that the official line is that it was a Razor Gang affair and nothing to do with the art forgeries. Mike and Val meet her parents, they have lunch in the Pub and reveal that they are having trouble getting any information about the buyers at the Auction Houses. Then there is news about a stolen Caravaggio Painting is it the real one or a forgery?


Jordi – The Odyssey

Continueing Jordi’s investigation into the myths of ancient Greece, interesting gripping stuff but what is the truth?


Bob – Property Checks Ch 4.

Rookie Bob goes out on the beat on his own for the first time. At the rear of the shops he stops at Finnegan’s opens the gate and seems to get drawn in. It is cold, densly dark and his torch doesn’t seem to make any impression. His heart is pounding………. Spooky!!


Glen – The Dream.

Post war Britain, a family night in with Nanny Barker who is bedridden. She tells the kids stories about the war, The blitz in London, how her husband was a firefighter. One night the child has a dream that there is a couple dancing in a ballroom. The lady tells him that she is in her happy place. When he gets up in the morning Nanny Barker has passed away in the night!


Karen – A village tale part two

The village watches as Bert and Brenda furnish their villa, satellite dish, Plasma screen TV, etc. Marjorie encourages Brenda to learn greek but she is not keen. Bert just wants to watch football on TV and drink lager. The villagers bring gifts, Agassi brings rosewater, the goatherd brings them a kid for Easter and they make a pet of it!

A Coptic storm is brewing and a clash of cultures is brewing too……..


Dee – Dream

A young girl dreams of being swept away by an Adonis to his palace, only to be woken by her mum to get ready for work. She sees a notice at the theatre for auditions for parts in a coming production. After a long wait she decides to leave only to be called back by her Adonis – the leading man!


John E – Last train from Liverpool Street.

An undercover police officer catches the last train home and encounters a group of drunks looking for trouble. Talks them round so well that they have a whip round for him and he ends up with a hundred and fifty quid!  True story.


A packed meeting again with a varied selection of tales.


Next week’s theme  EROTICA>


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