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Minutes of our Meeting of 7th April 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia.

Present at the Coral Star: Rick. Gina. Jennifer. June. Steven. Patti.

Via Skype: Dee. Bob. John. Nikki.

Readings began as follows:

Mike: 'HIS FIRST MASTERPIECE'. Read on his behalf by Steven,.

Patti: 'A NAIROBI MORNING'. A descriptive personal account in response to the writing prompt.

Jennifer: 'THE BURKER'. A poem

June: 'ART AND MUSIC'. An insight into the talented abstract painter. 'Kandinski'. Art is music, and music is art.

Steven: 'RUTH'. A children’s fantasy

John left the meeting at 11-27. His contribution held over until next week.

Coffee break 11-27 -1130.

Nikki: 'NO ESCAPE'. A tale of domestic abuse.

Rick: ‘MISSING ART'. CHAPTER 7 of his new work in progress novel


Prompt for next week. 'A room with a view'.

Many thanks to all who physically or virtually attended. See you all next week

Thanks to Rick, for setting up Skype. And to Gina for all correspondence and administration work issues. John for Maintaining the website and Dee for taking the minutes.


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