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Minutes of our meeting of 6 May 2021 Venue Skype Only.

Greetings fellow writers Present: Gina, Dee, Nikki, Jennie, Jennifer, Bob, Rick, John, June and we welcome back Claudine.

Many thanks to Gina, who presented the meeting, and together with Jennie, dealing with all the administration and to Dee taking the minutes.

At the start of the meeting we agreed to discontinue the google mailbox on our website. Jennie will look at the contacts page and redirect through Facebook.

Readings began:

Rick: Ch23'Start of the Journey' The continuation of his WW11 novel.

Jennifer: 'Defiled' 2 A taut thriller in the making. A discussion followed on how graphically sexual violence should be written.

Gina: 'Rescued 3 Hospital'. An extract from her autobiographical work in progress.

Coffee break 11-50-12 05 During which John demonstrated setting up style boxes in word using the share screen facility.

Jennie Shared style and settings download, and April 2021 word list on Skype chat.

Claudine: The Blurb from her Autobiographical Novel 'True Blue'. Read on her behalf by Jennie. Claudine Has gone to press with a company in Bulgaria. Copies available from her and will be brought to the first live meeting.

Nikki: 'The Altercation'. Cleverly devised story, prompted from last week's homework.

Jennifer: 'Neighbourhood Watch' a humorous story.

John: 'Blind Date' A witty tale, inspired from last week's homework.

Jennie for the style and settings download, and April 2021 word list.

Bob: a further chapter from 'Woman across the street'.

June: An extract from 'Bretton Tales'. Her current work in progress.

Writing prompt for next week 'ALONE'.

Many thanks to all who virtually attended, see you all next week.


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