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Minutes of Our Meeting of 6 April 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Present at venue: Patti, Peter, June, Mike & Rick

On Skype: Jordi Lee, Bobby, John & Bob

John began the readings with Chapters 15,’Jack’s Story’ and 16, 'Port Informalities', of Norm & Digs latest adventure. Jack tells Sally how he became a pirate. Persuaded by Sally, Ali agrees to hide Jack ahead of a visit from the harbour master.

Patti read her contribution to this week’s prompt, in which she compares the Pagan and Christian roots of Easter.

Mike was next with a personal story of how he and his wife spent their first Easter in Cyprus.

Rick described how, as altar boys in the Catholic Church, in Manitoba, Canada, he and his brothers celebrated Easter.

June continued the Easter theme with a personal story of how in April 1988 she and Charles celebrated both Anglican and Greek Orthodox Easters in the UK and Cyprus.

Bobby then gave us a cynical take on conspiracy theories surrounding Easter and Christmas.

Bob closed the meeting with Chapter 38 of 'Breath Free', in which two undercover policeman keep watch on Pavlos and his rendezvous with Samoro.

Suggested prompt for next week,’Spring.'




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