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Minutes of our Meeting of 4th February 2021 Venue Skype only.


Present: Gina, Nikki, Jennie, Rick, Bob, John.

The meeting was led by Gina. Notes taken by John.

Greetings Scribes.

The meeting opened at 11:00pm Cyprus (9.00am UK) with contributions not related to the prompt of last week:

Rick: “Cyprus - International Festivals and Events.”

An article submitted to an international travel magazine, both online and in print.

Rick shared a link to a source for commercial writing opportunities, “Where to Pitch Magazine”

Bob: The next Chapter from his work in progress: “The Woman Across the Street.”

This was followed by a discussion on the practicalities of self-publishing.

Bob will share his U-Tube talk on the subject on our Facebook page.

We went on to contributions based on the writing prompt “The Spirit.”

Nikki: “Spooked or Spiked to Death.”

This was followed by a discussion on the use of quoting song titles to add atmosphere and a timeline.

John: “The Sprits of the Forest.” The first two parts of a new, traditional style, fairy-tale.

The story offered a word of the month “Psithurism” (Silent P) The sound of wind in trees.

Jennie: Extract from the later chapters of her fairy story work in progress. Introducing Spriggans as a character set.

NB. (Word of the Month) A spriggan /sprɪdʒən/ is a legendary creature from Cornish faery lore. Spriggans are particularly associated with West Penwith in Cornwall.

This was followed by a discussion on using online sources such as Instagram and Pinterest for promotion purposes.

The meeting closed at 1:00pm Cyprus (11.00am UK)

This week’s Writing Prompt: “The Earth Shook”.


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