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Minutes of Our Meeting of 3rd March 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at the Coral Star: June, Rick, Mike.

Via skype: Dee, Nikki, Gina, Maria, Bob, John.

Readings began with:

Rick: “Dodgy Painting” Chapter 3 of his work in progress novel.

June: “Valery Gergiev” an update to a chapter in her autobiography. Now a topical given what is happening in the Ukraine.

John: 22-22-22 An observation on Numerology

Bob: Chp 7 of “Keep the Gate Closed.” his spooky story. as the tale

Coffee break:11-33 11 41

Nikki: Another chapter about Lucy McLaren. From her work in progress novel.

Dee: “A Figure Obscure.” A piece of prose, reflecting on old age and loss.

Mike: “Old Fred's Funeral.” A humorous poem.

Maria: “Application form.” A poem linked to her autobiographical work in progress.

Next week's prompt. Suggested bt Gina: “Someone who has inspired you” or “Sitting cold staring out at the down pour”.

Thank you to all who physically and virtually attended. Thanks to Rick for setting up skype, and Gina who attends all administration issues. And to John who maintains our web site.

Minutes Dee Leigh


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