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Minutes of Our Meeting of 31st March 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia

Present at the Coral Star: Rick. June. Dee. Bob. Patti. Frances. Jennifer. Maria.

Via Skype: John G

Readings began with-Rick: 'Granite Creek'. 'A Ghost town. 'An interesting tale, part fiction, part truth about the Bonanza Creek gold rush.

June: 'The Grass is always Greener'. A Ghostly experience from her ‘Breton Tales’ anthology, work in progress.

Mike: 'The Ghost of Perry Merry'. Read on his behalf by Bob set in 'The Merry Fellow' a beautiful rural Public House, in the Cotswolds Gloucester area of England

Maria: 'Dad Streets of San Francisco photograph of pops'. A view of her father’s life in the sixties.

Patti: 'The Round Tower incident'. A Guardsman is a Ghost in this sad tale.

John: 'The Diary Part 2'. The continuation of The Journal of a Victorian housewife. In the style of a radio serial.

Jennifer: The realities of war – 2022 A poem that describes the devastation of war.

Bob: 'Keep the Gate Closed'. The conclusion of Bob's gripping spooky ghost story.

Frances:' What is ghostly'. The life if a ghost hovering through dimensions.

Thank you to all who virtually and physically attended hope to see you next week.

Meeting closed at 12-41

Prompt for next week. 'A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.’ So paint a picture in a thousand words remembering that this is a story with additional dimensions than just the visual.

Many thanks to Rick for setting up Skype and Gina, for all administration and communications. And to John for creating the web site.

Minutes Dee Leigh


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