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Minutes of Our Meeting of 30th June 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

Present at the venue: Rick, Patti. Steven. Mike. Bobby. Michael. Alan

Via skype: John & June.

Apologies: Dee Gina, Bob, & Nikki,

Greetings Scribes.

Readings Started with:

John: “Day Passage to Bonifacio” a true encounter with dolphins off Corsica. From the prompt from last week.

Rick: “Introduction to Paphos District” A new commissioned Travelogue

June: “That Fateful Day” an extract from her Memoir.

Bobby: Chapter 1 of his work in progress, “The Right Hand Man”

Alan: “Tomorrows Day” a poem from the prompt “The Day” followed by “Christmas Day in Bloom”

Mike: “Oops” a comic take on gender mix ups

Gina: “Reflections” prompted by “The Day” and read in her absence by June.

Patti: “My Swimming Lesson” A memory triggered by last week’s prompt.

Prompt for next week. “The Present” make of it what you will.

Meeting closed at 12:00

Many thanks to all who attended physically, or virtually. Thank you to rick, for setting up Skype, Gina who for admin. Minutes by John.


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