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Minutes of our Meeting of 2nd September 2021 Venue: Neo's and Skype.

Greetings Scribes.

Present at today's meeting via Skype. John & Jennifer.

Live in Neo’s: Rick. June. Gina Derek and Claudine.

Apologies from, Dee, Jennie, Caroline, Nikki & Bob.

Thanks to Gina, who presented the meeting with technical assistance from Rick. John took the minutes.

It was good to resume face to face meetings with thanks to Neo’s for hosting us.

We began with readings:

John: “Brave New World.” A speculation on post pandemic life.

Jennifer: 3 examples of the 40 word challenge. 2 on the Paphos fires and The “Joy of Exercise.”

June: “Guillaume.” A Bretton tale.

Rick: “Chapter 1 Camber to Rye Harbour.” The opening to his new book project “A Tour of the Sussex Coast.”

With the arrival of coffee the formal meeting adjourned. Time to catch up with old friends.

Writing prompt for next week: To attempt a story in exactly 40 words.

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