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Minutes of Our Meeting of 2nd February 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus.


Rick, Mike White, Patti & June

On Skype Bobby and John, who had to leave early

Apologies from Bob, Peter, Neil, Gina and Dee

We were very pleased to hear that the article Pati had written the previous week entitled 'Unification of Cyprus' had been accepted and given prominence in the latest issue of Paphos Post.

John began the readings with 'Granted' and 'Lexi 2', the first two chapters of 'Going south’, the sequel to his first Norm and Digs adventure and set the scene for their next adventure.

Rick then gave us Chapter 31 'Return to Geneva, April 25/26, 1948', the pen-ultimate chapter of his latest novel 'Missing Fortune.' The fortune has at last been returned to its rightful owner, but that is not the end of the story!

Patti related a true Guy Fawkes story, with reference to this week’s prompt 'You had to be there.'

Bobby demonstrated his writing versatility with ’Lucy’s Tale”, a sad story with a twist in the tail!

June read the first chapter of 'Breton Tales', describing the purchase of her very first french second home.

Mike, who once owned a removals business in the UK, told a story about one of his employees, who had a series of crafty mishaps and had the habit of making people laugh.

There were no other contributions. Peter and Neil have each submitted something on line which they hope to read at the next meeting.

For the next prompt, Bobby has proposed 'Memories of your Grand-parents.'




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