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Minutes of Our Meeting of 27 January 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia

Greetings Scribes.

Present at today's meeting: June, Dee, Rick, Mike.

Via Skype: Bob, John.

Apologies: Jennie, Jennifer. Nikki and Gina who acted as off site facilitator for the meeting.

Readings began at 10.07 Cyprus 8.07 UK time.

John: “A Sassenachs Guide to Burns Night.” Carried over from last week.

Over Coffee we discussed the possibility of making the group more visible. As we tentatively come out from under the shadow of the Pandemic we could do with more members at the meetings.

June: “Curried Haggis.” A true life response to this week’s prompt.

Rick: “Lancing to Goring by Sea.” Chapter 9 of his work in progress travelogue tracing the A 259 along the south coast of England.

Mike: “Eigor the Torturer.” A parody of the Burns Night prompt.

Bob: “Keep the Gate Closed – Ch2” from his new work in progress.

Writing prompt for next week: “Lost”.

The meeting closed at 12.00. Next meeting will be on 3rd February in Coral Star Taverna at 10.00 local time and on Skype at what ever the time is where you are.


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