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Minutes of Our Meeting of 26th May 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna, Pegeia, Cyprus.

Good morning fellow writers. Meeting commenced at 10-34.

Present at the venue: Rick and Mike. Via Skype: Dee June. Nikki. Bob. John.

It was agreed that we should widen the debate to all members. It has already been renewed to this time next year but should it end then.

Readings followed with:

Mike: 'What If.' A somewhat dystopian viewpoint of the world. Powerful points and cleverly devised.

Nikki: 'What If.' A strongly moving poem

Rick: 'More Suspects.' April 12th 1948. Chapter 12 of his work in progress.

Coffee break 11-14 11-20.

John: 'The Welcom Party.’ Chapter 6 of , 'The Last Count' his work in progress. A Gothic-horror, Rom-com, Thriller.

Bob: 'Breathe Free'. Chapter 5. The continuation his work in progress.

Writing prompt for next week. 'A children's story'. (A story either for or about children)

Meeting closed at 12-19

Many thanks to all who physically, and virtually attended. Special thankyou to Rick, who sets up skype. And to Gina, for all communication matters and to John for continuing to keep PWG website up and running. Minutes Dee Leigh


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