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Minutes of Our Meeting of 26 January 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus.

Present: Rick, Mike, Patti, June and new member Christella

On Skype: Bobby and John

Apologies from Bob who was otherwise occupied with rigging for his Local pantomime.

  • Christella was welcomed as a new member. She had responded to the Group’s ad in the Paphos Post.

  • Again, we had no access to the tv monitor as no HDMI cable could be found. Rick promised to bring his own next week.

  • This week’s prompt was 'Be Careful what you wish for.'

  • Rick opened the readings with the continuation of his latest novel, the title changed to 'Missing Fortune', with Chapter 30 entitled 'Coming and Going.'

  • Mike then offered his contribution to the week’s prompt, with 'Best Wishes' An epistolary style composition about letters written by a terminally ill father to his estranged sons, and their surprising and unexpected responses.

  • June read a recently re-written chapter from her book 'Tears & Symphony.' It gives an amusing account of an episode which involves Sir Edward Heath.

  • Bobby offered his prompt contribution with 'Greek Goddess Genie'. Bobby not having solved the mystery of how butter got left in the marmalade, decides to go for a walk along the beach and discovers an old bottle. You need to read the rest to discover what, or who, was in it!

  • John then gave us Chapter 27 of ‘Going South’ the sequel to his earlier book targeted on younger readers about Norm & Digs travels. In this chapter, having encountered a maelstrom at the edge of the world, they Launch a hot air balloon to fly into the vortex.

  • Patti responded to the prompt with 'The Re-Unification of Cyprus', which expressed her passionately held views on why every effort should be made immediately to avoid the north of Cyprus being annexed by Turkey. Everyone present agreed it would make a very good article and should be sent to various Cypriot publications.

  • Christella contributed two short delightful poems, entitled 'A Smile' and 'Like a Wave'. She was encouraged to read them in both Greek and English.

  • There were no other contributions. Mike suggested for next week’s prompt 'You had to be there.'




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