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Minutes of our Meeting of 25th March 2021 Venue Skype Only.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting. Gina, Jennie, Nikki, Dee, June, Rick, Bob, John.

Thanks to Gina for presenting the meeting and all appropriate administration work, and Dee for taking the minutes.

Meeting commenced at 11-am. And began with Readings:

Nikki. 'Hangry' A true story prompted by last week's homework. A witty, and clever, story of a wedding reception from the POV of a bridesmaid.

Dee. ' Bluecoat revisited' from last week's homework. a memoir seen through the eyes of her four year old niece.

John: 'Set the style’ A tutorial on how to 'update your document in ‘word’.

The notes can be found on the Skype chat page for the meeting or in the tutorials page on our website.

Coffee break 11:57 to12:05

Readings continued:

June: Ville Guiguen an extract from her ‘Bretton Tales' work in progress. A delightful memoir of her beautifully transformed house, and the artisan characters brought to life with good imagery and evocative detail.

Rick. ‘'End of the War’ Chapter 17 of his [WW11] work in progress. Splendid imagery of life in UK at the end of the war. Really well researched.

A discussion of use of numbers as opposed to written out in a story followed.

Bob: 'Woman across the street'. The continuation of the story now bringing Carver, Brandon and Kitt, and Miriam together.

Jennie. 'The Gift' A touching tale of how the adoption services work with the prospective parents. very well read Jennie. Very evocative.

Writing prompt:. 'April Fool,’ for the April fool’s day meeting next week. Try to incorporate a word of the month.

Meeting closed at 1-17.

Thanks to all who attended online. See you next week.


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