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Minutes of Our Meeting of 24 November 2022 Venue: Skype Only

The meeting opened at 10:30 Cyprus time on Skype only.

Connected were: In Cyprus: Gina Angeletta, Jordi Guri, Bobby Davison,

In UK: Bob Barker, John Goodwin.

Apologies: June. Nikki Rick

Readings were as follows:

1. Bob ­ Chapter 23 of Breathe Free

2. Followed by a discussion on the benefits of Word & Scrivener

3. Jordi ­ The 10 Kingdoms.

4. Followed by discussion on the connection of Cyprus to Atlantis.

5. John – At home in Cyprus an article written at the time of the last financial crisis.

6. Bobby-The Forgetful Actor.

7. The meeting closed at 11:35.

Next Week’s prompt: “It was a Dark and Stormy Night”.


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