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Minutes of our Meeting of 24 June 2021 Venue Skype Only.

Greetings fellow writers.

Present at today's meeting, Jennifer. John. Rick. Bob. Dee. Nikki. Gina. June.

Apologies from Jennie.

With thanks to Gina for leading the meeting and Dee for taking the minutes.

The meeting started at 11.00am with readings as followed:

Jennifer: 'Defiled'. continuation of her work in progress novel. From the P.O.V. of Jane her main protagonist.

Rick: 'Getting Away with It'. The next chapter from his Work in Progress historical WW11 novel.

Nikki: The 76th and final chapter of her novel.

John: ‘Over the Edge’ Chapter 28 of his work in progress fantasy novel. A gesture towards the Macaronic writing prompt with the Dutch based word Maelstrom.

Coffee break 12 00 12 12.

Bob: The last confrontation of his completed novel, ‘Woman Across the Street.’

Gina: 'Furry Friends' a memoir of her pets that might be included in her autobiography.

June. 'Expedition' a strong commitment to the Macaronic writing prompt. Considered a potential opening to a Thriller.

At the end of the meeting we agreed to take a break for the summer in the hope that we can return to Neo’s with live meetings in September. However we will keep in touch during the break and John will host a catch up meeting early in August. Keep an eye on the Skype messages Facebook and website for details.

Meeting closed at 1pm. Thank you to all who virtually attended.


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