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Minutes of Our Meeting of 23rd February 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus

Present: Peter Neil, Rick, Patti & June

On Skype: Bob, Bobby & John

Bob began the meeting with Chapter 33 of Breathe Free. Jess delves into past security records and comes across 'Opera Josephine” and believes she has come across some vital information.

Rick guided us through the next phase of his travelogue, 'Paphos to Aphrodite’s Rock', with some interesting diversions on the way.

Patti next gave us her contribution to the week’s prompt “Carnival”, an unrequited love story set during the Rio Carnival.

June was up next with an account of her personal experience during the Carnival of Venice, together with some interesting background and history of the event.

Peter, also responding to the prompt, treated us to a fictitious story about the behavior and competition for recognition between a group of student archeologists, who were staying together in a small apartment during the Carnival of Venice.

Bob left the meeting at this point.

Bobby continued with another 'Carnival’ story, entitled “The Deaf Journalist’, an army veteran recently recovered from serious injuries, tries hard to establish himself as a journalist. In an endeavor to hide the fact that he is also deaf, he learns to lip read, which lands him in serious trouble with his editor.

John gave us Chapter 5 & 6 of 'Going South'. “Mysterious Cargo' is loaded onto the ship. The captain is keen to get underway but discovers there are no sailors on board. He receives news that there is a team of twenty rowers on standby on a 'Floating Island', and informs his passengers that they must themselves row to meet them.

Prompt for next week is: 'The Wisdom of Youth'


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