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Minutes of our meeting of 23 March, 2023 Venue Coral Star Pegeia

Present in person: Rick, Patti & June

On Skype: Bobby, Bob & John

Bobby began the meeting with Chapter 2 of his latest novel entitled 'The Heart Attack Club.' Following a near fatal heart attack, Christine reassess her life and persuades her family to relocate to Cyprus, where she was born.

Patti followed with her contribution to one of the suggested prompts, 'My Village'. A true story based on memories of her own happy childhood spent in Chiswick.

Rick next gave us the final chapter of his Paphos travelogue, in which he graphically describes the history and many interesting places to visit and things to do in the city of Paphos.

Since, unfortunately, Peter had been unable to attend, June was encouraged instead to read his contribution, entitled 'A New Dawn.' A strange and imaginative story about a grumpy Scottish spinster headmistress, disliked by everyone. When she suddenly dies, the local villagers take traditional' revenge by desecrating her corpse.

June then read her prompt contribution, entitled 'St. Patrick, the Musical.' A story woven around popular Irish songs, with members encouraged to join in the final song.

Bob brought the meeting up to date with Chapter 36 of his crime novel “Breathe Free.’ Carver returns to the Moonstone Night club, unaware that he is under suspicion and is fooled by a mysterious woman wearing a wig and dark glasses.

John then read Chapters 11 and 12, 'Salvage' and 'Offshore Banking' of Norm and Digs latest adventure. An Angry Captain Hogwash reluctantly agrees to let Ali tow his damaged ship, the Black Pig and is made even more unhappy when faced with the possibility of having to pay for salvage.

Suggested prompt for next week 'April Fool.'




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