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Minutes of our Meeting of 22 September 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay.

Greetings fellow Writers.

Present at the venue- June. Mike. Bob. Patti. Steven. Gina. Rick.

Via skype Dee. John. Nikki.

Readings began with.

John: “The Rise of the Geriactivists.” A satire.

Rick: “01 The North Coast – Pomos to Limni”. The start of a newly commissioned travelogue.

Coffee Break 11- 11-15.

Patti: “The day I saw the Queen”. The coronation through little girl Patti's eyes. Social history.

Mike: The re write of his story of Prince Charles. Only this time from the point of view of Charles

Bob: “Breathe free”. Chapter 15

Nikki: 'No audience with the Queen'. A true story As a visit to see the Queen has a twist.

Rick: Rick posted a link to Wordtune an app to help with alternative text:

Prompt for next week- 'Childhood Memories'.

Meeting closed at 12-09

Thanks to all who attended. both physically, and virtually see you next week.


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