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Minutes of Our Meeting of 20th October 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus

Present: Rick, Bobby, Gina, Patti, Mike W & Steve

On Skype: Bob, Jennifer & June

Apologies from John

Steve asked permission from those present to practise his sketching techniques during the meeting. Everyone agreed.

The readings commenced with Rick continuing his travelogue 'West Coast', which took us along the coast from Lara Bay to Sea Caves. General comment was that it was very interesting and informative, an ideal guide for prospective visitors from abroad.

June gave us a new Breton Tale about efforts to rid her French garden of Moles.

Bob read Chapter 19 of 'Breathe Free', which took us back to Jess and the 'Unique’ inquiry with which she was involved.

Jennifer was warmly welcomed back with her latest poem 'Rhyme or not to Rhyme’ a dilemma between writing a first novel and remaining in her usual comfort zone of writing poetry.

Bobby was also welcomed back. He asked for advice about how to write a piece for the back cover of his latest book. Bob suggested that it should depend on the targeted audience.

Patti kept to the prompt subject with a true story about her visit with a sick friend to Walsingham Church in Norfolk with its two shrines and reputation for healing the sick.

Mike gave us 'An Experiment in Time', food for thought as to the Creation, the Big Bang and the evolution of Homo Sapiens

Steve ended the meeting with the second and final installment of 'Journey through the Planets' - a descriptive and informative account of a schoolboy’s fantasy, traveling in a train, together with companions, and visiting the Planets.

Prompt for next week’s meeting: Goths, Monsters or any other horror story.

With thanks to June for taking the minutes.


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