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Minutes of Our Meeting of 1st December 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay.

Present: Patti, Bob, Bobby & Mike White

On Skype: John (until 11.45), June , Rick & Gina (who joined in later)

Rick began the meeting with the next chapter of his Cyprus Travelogue, entitled 'Edro111 to Peyia.'

Mike read his contribution for the previous week’s prompt, entitled 'I knew I would forget'

Bobby read part two of his “The Convent”, script entitled “Dark & Stormy Night”

John’s offering for a “Dark and Stormy Night” was a chapter, entitled 'Jeffrey and the Chief” taken from a book he has started to write called 'Jeffrey of the West'. He was encouraged to continue writing the story.

Mike also contributed his version of 'It was a Dark & Stormy Night'

Bob offered Chapter 25 of his current novel 'Breathe Free'

Rick asked for opinions on two suggestions for the cover of his next book about the Sussex Coast. There was general agreement on the Brighton photo.

Gina asked whether anyone could recommend someone who would be willing to write a children’s story based on some illustrations her friend has produced. Patti offered to ask her daughter who writes children’s stories and since the meeting Jennifer Gardner has also agreed to look a them.

Suggestions for next week’s prompt 'A Christmas Story’


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