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Minutes of our meeting of 19th May 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia.

Present at the venue: Mike, Steve, June, Rick.

Joining on Skype John Goodwin, Nikki Burrows Bob Barker.

Apologies: Dee Leigh, Gina Angeletta.

First there was a discussion regarding the fact that JG has paid three years web hosting charge, amounting to a sum in the region of £122. It was agreed that all members would contribute €10/ member and that since JMH had given JG a cheque, he would cash it and she would collect the contributions from members.


1. Rick - Paphos. A travel document commissioned and submitted to a Canadian hosted travel website

2. Bob - Chapter 4 of Breathe Free

3. Mike – Involuntary noises

4. Steve – if I lived forever.

5. John – The Ant to the rescue. Fabulously read by Steve after John’s departure.

Writing prompt if you would like one: “What if?”

Thanks to Nikki for taking the minutes this week.


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