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Minutes of our Meeting of 18 March 2021 Venue Skype only

Greetings fellow writers.
Present at todays meeting: Gina, Dee, June, Nikki, Jennie, Rick, John, Bob.
Meeting commenced at 11-am. Many thanks to Gina, who presented the meeting and for all administration work. And Dee for taking the minutes.
Readings began with:
Bob: 'Woman Across the Street'. The continuation of his novel, now introducing Carver, the main protagonist of his past books.
Rick: 'Death March'. Chapter 16, of his WW11 Novel. It is 1945 and Mike and Kaz, POWs marching through Poland.
Nikki- 'Killer Gene'. Chapter 1 prompted by last week's homework 'Saints and Sinners'.
Dee- 'Ever After'. The lives of fairy story princesses.
John- 'Colonists’ Prologue and Chapter 7 Board.' The continuation of his new novel.
Coffee break 12-15 12-25.
Readings continued with:
June: 'Moulin de Callac'. Extract from her new project ‘Breton Tales’.
Bob: 'The Woman across the Street'. A further extract from his WIP.
Writing prompt for next meeting: Word of the month or as proposed by Nikki Recall an important memory from your childhood and tell it from the perspective of someone else who was present.
Meeting closed at 1 pm
Thank you to all that virtually attended. See you next week


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