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Minutes of our Meeting of 17th November 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus.

Present at the venue: Mike, Stephen, Rick, Patty, Bobby.

On Skype: John Goodwin, Nikki Burrows, Bob, Barker June Magennis Haddad, Jordi Guri.

Apologies: Gina Angeletta

Readings were as follows:

1. Rick – Chapter 23

2. Bobby-I could have been (HW)

3. John-Almost (poem)

4. June What might have been. (HW)

5. Bob - Chapter 23 of Breathe Free

6. Nikki- Chance not design (HW)

7. Mike –What could have been (HW)

8. Steve – The golden Mask (HW).

9. Jordi- Macedonian Atlantreans.

10. Patty, Oral presentation (HW)

Next Week’s prompt: “I know I forgot something.


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