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Minutes of Our Meeting of 17th March 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Pegeia.

Greetings Scribes

Meeting commenced at 10-am at the Coral Star Taverna.

Present via Skype. John, Bridget and Maria.

At the Coral star June. Mike. Rick and new member Francis Quaile

Apologies: Bob, Dee, Nikki. I.T. difficulties prevented Gina from joining.

As John had to leave early for another meeting the readings commenced with “ALL FIR COAT AND NO KNICKERS.” An extract from his memoir of the scaffolding industry “Podgers, Frogs and Little Giants.”

Richard “DINNER WITH FRIENDS.” CHAPTER 5 of his new work in progress novel.

Mike: “THE LUCK OF THE IRISH “ a response to the prompt from last week.

June: “ST PATRICK THE MUSICAL” Also prompted by last week.

Gina: managed to upload “THERE AND BACK AGAIN” available like all readings available for download from our Skype Group Page.

A Special thanks to Maria for stepping in to take the minutes and for offering to take over custody of the PWG Library from Derek.

Prompt for next week. “SPRING” (Where is Spring)


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