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Minutes of our meeting of 17th February 2022 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia

Greetings fellow writers. Meeting commenced at 10 35.

Present via skype-Bob, and Nikki.

At the Coral Star. Dee, Gina, June, Rick, Michael, John.

Readings began with:

Rick.-Chp12. 'Chichester to Thorney Island. ' Part of his travel log,

June.-'Down memory lane'. A story from her childhood years in the Eastend of London.

Robert.-'Keep the gate closed'. The continuation of hid ghost story,

Mike-'Music'. Another tale of his memories through time.

Nikki.- 'Prologue to murder'. A begining to a murder plot.

Gina. 'For the love of Rosie' the story of the beautiful Rosie, Gina's pet puppy/dog. Followed by a piece of music 'Rosa Munda' by Paul Lewis,.

John.-'Music to my ears'. A story of John's youth. From big band swing to jazz, pop. pirate stations, radio Luxembourg. and radio Caroline.

Thank you to all who attended virtually, or physically. see you next week.

Homework next week suggested by June. 'Lost in time'.

Many thanks to Rick for setting up the skype connection. And Gina for all the correspondence issues. Minutes by Dee Leigh


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