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Minutes of our meeting of 17 June 2021 Venue Skype only.

Greetings scribes.

Present at today’s meeting: Gina, Nikki,, Jennifer, June, Rick, Bob & John.

Apologies from: Jennie & Dee.

The meeting started at 11.00am with discussion about the summer break which usually is from mid July to the end of August. As it would appear we are unlikely to have any physical meetings anytime soon do we want to break sooner or later. It was decided to call on all members to offer their opinion.

After which readings commenced:

John: “Indecent Proposal” based on last week’s prompt.

Jennifer: “Planning the Day” a poignant poem now added to the poetry page of our website.

We went on to discuss how we might make better use of our website which is rarely read by those who attend the meeting but may maintain a link for absentees. It is also our profile for potential new members.

Rick: “Paintings.” Chapter 28 from his Work in progress, war novel.

Nikki: Chapter 75 of her work in progress.

Attendees chose not to take a break and pressed on with reading:

Bob: The penultimate chapter of “Woman Across the Street,” currently in editorial stage.

There followed a discussion on the form of the denouement of a novel.

Gina: “Retirement Day” an extract from her memoir connected to the writing prompt

The meeting closed a little before 1:00.

This Week’s Writing Prompt: Write on any subject but include a Macaronic reference or two. (Macaronic = a word or phrase adopted from a different language e.g. Le weekend)

For the remainder of this term we will continue on Skype only but hope to resume physical meetings in September.


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