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Minutes of our Meeting of 16th September 2021 Venue Neo's and on Skype.

Greetings fellow writers, meeting commenced at 10-30.

Present at Neo’s: Rick and Michael

via Skype: -Dee, John, Bob, June, Jennifer and Gina.

Many thanks to Rick who sets up the Skype for us at Neo's and to Gina for booking the venue and leading the meeting.

Readings began with those based on Last weeks Writing prompt "Domestic Abuse" :

Jennifer: -'The Bully' A poem,

Gina: -'Inheritance' a story of abuse..

June: -'Marriage breakdown'. An honest personal account of her marriage breakdown

A discussion ensued, about domestic violence.

Bob: -Read A further extract from his new book now titled ‘Breath Again’ available for pre-order on Kindle. Paperback to follow soon.

There followed a discussion, about formatting of publishing E-Books.

Dee: -'Abuse' Returning to the prompt.

Mike: -'Domestic Violence'. A reflection on the effect Covid 19, had on families. Imprisoned altogether,

John asked us two questions:

1) What word in the English language changes its meaning and pronunciation when the first letter is capitalised?

2) What is the only word in the English language that ends in the letters ‘. . . mt’?

Rick: -'Hastings to Winchelsea'. Ch2 of his South Coast travelogue.

Prompt for next week 'Ocean Waves'.

Meeting closed at 12-11. Many thanks to all who attended, virtually, or physically.

See you next week.


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