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Minutes of Our Meeting of 16th February 2023 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral bay

Present: Rick, Mike, Patti, Peter & Neil

On Skype: Bobby, June, John & Bob

John began the meeting with chapters 3 & 4 of 'Going South, entitled 'Commissioned' &'Ramekinnd.' Both describe how Norm, Digs and their friends get settled on the Lexi 11, recently converted into a cruise ship, and are joined by the pompous Doctor Ramekinnd and his side-kick.

Bobby followed with his response to this week’s prompt with 'A Girl called Valentine', a story about a girl called Valentine who for many years every February 14, receives a Valentine card from an anonymous admirer.

Patti then gave us an essay entitled “A Worldwide Celebration’, in which she contrasts the various interpretations and traditions practised in different countries around the world to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Peter continued the prompt with 'Bonagh’s Love', a kind of a medieval Irish folklore tale of a girl called Bonagh, who tries to curry favour with God by sacrificing her lover.

Mike related a true story about two dogs he and his wife cared for; one of them the runt of a litter which they called Lucky but which sadly did not survive; the other an abandoned puppy found wandering in the road on February 14, which they appropriately named Valentino.

Rick changed the tone with 'Kissonerga to Paphos’, an instalment of his latest travelogue which guides his readers around the Paphos region, with interesting and unusual points of reference.

Bob was next with his first draft of Chapter 32 of 'Breathe Free', an introspection on Carver’s true thoughts and feelings.

Neil then lightened the mood with a nonsense rhyme ' For my Valentine.'

Prompt for next week: “Carnival’




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